Site Assessment

Engineering Assessment Reports

Experienced Engineers and Customer Service that provides you with the information you require. Our engineering assessments will result in a prepared report.  Here are some items that can be provided:

Professional Design and Engineering

Philip Doyle has a history of design, engineering and manufacturing expertise that ensures our units withstand any environment. Our design team understands the requirements for our units to continue performing even in the harshest atmospheric conditions.

Our equipment withstands the harshest industrial environment and provides an ideal solution for heavy or continuous duty in hot, dirty, dusty, corrosive, and severe environmental conditions.

We offer our cabs and enclosures in light, medium and severe duty construction. Our hermetically sealed units protect your electrical control equipment, control humidity and prevent excessive fumes causing operator discomfort, such as headaches or eye irritations.

Our industrial air conditioning has performance and convenience designed into each unit. We offer a range of standardized units, but have earned a reputation with our customized solutions to suit our customer’s specific requirements and conditions.

Our staff has technical expertise and hands-on experience, ready to assist you in the development or evaluation of the requirements for your environmental system through on-site support and assistance. We work with you to develop the best solution for your situation. Our experts are here to help you either through teleconferencing or by visiting you to develop a detailed solution to handle your requirements.

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