Products: Air Conditioners (HVAC units)

Our air conditioners are designed to provide your operators and equipment with optimal environmental conditions and comfort for enclosures operating in hot, dirty, and/or extreme conditions. Our systems are designed for longevity and to withstand the worst conditions. Air conditioning is critical to the overall performance of your equipment.  At Philip Doyle we build Crane Cab and Pulpit Air Conditioners to operate effectively under the most extreme operating conditions. Typical operating temperatures range from 95° to 190°F.

Philip Doyle provides a complete line of industrial, severe duty air conditioners engineered for heavy duty equipment such as, overhead cranes, mill pulpits, electrical rooms, and coke oven vehicles. These are designed to operate continuously in corrosive environments with high temperatures, humidity, radiant heat, fine dust particles, dirt, acid fumes, gases, and vibration.

Our HVAC units are designed for use 24 hours per day for year round performance, using the new generation of environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

Please refer to our Adobe Reader FileAir Conditioner General Equipment Specification for more information.

Crane Cabin Air Conditioners:

Model C150, C200 & C240:  Up to 125° F. Ambient, no radiant heat. 12,000 BtuH (1 Ton) to 24,000 BtuH (2 Ton) condensing capacity. Shipping and Warehouse, Machine Shop, Cold Metal Handling, and Mobile Cranes.

Model C500 : 120 to 140° F. Ambient with radiant heat. 36,000 BtuH (3 Ton) Condensing capacity. Small  Furnace Charging, Mold Handling, Aluminum Pot,  Ladle Repair, and Galvanize Cranes.

Model C750: 140 to 190° F. Ambient with radiant heat.  Aluminum Pot, Hot Metal Charging, Ladle Pouring, Hot Mill, Slab Handling, Annealing, and Furnace Cranes. 50,000 BtuH (4.17 Ton) Condensing capacity.

Model C1000 & C1500: 140 to 190° F. Ambient with radiant heat.  High  Radiant Furnaces, Soaking Pit, Hot Metal Caster, and Stripper Cranes. 66,000 BtuH (5.5 Ton) to 101,400 BtuH (8.45 Ton) Condensing capacity.

Heavy Duty Applications: Infra-Red Radiant Heat Resistant Glass is required on exposed windows, Special Cabin Insulation, and Floor Plate. Heat Shields are also necessary.  See Cabin Specification Section.

Light Duty Air Conditioners

Heavy Duty Air Conditioners

Stationary Enclosure Air Conditioners (Pulpits, E-Rooms, PCR):

Available Models: 100 to 6000:  Up to 125° F. Ambient, Pulpits, Control Rooms, Electrical Rooms, Drive Rooms.

All industries served, hot, dirty, dusty, positive pressure systems, corrosive environments; 12,000 BtuH (1 Ton) to 720,000 BtuH (60 Ton) Cooling Capacity. Larger systems can be engineered or multiple systems supplied.

Mobile Systems:

Model 200A to 6000A:  Up to 125° F. Ambient; 24,000 BtuH (2 Ton) to 720,000 BtuH (60 Ton) Cooling Capacity, Heating Available

Man-Cooler (spot cooling) Once Through Systems: