Products: Enclosures

Pre-Fabricated Control Rooms (PCR):

Experience a clean, quiet, climate-controlled work environment for your operators and electronic equipment. In situations of high ambient temperatures the safety and comfort of your employees brings improved quality.

Philip Doyle pays particular attention to operator’s needs which include comfort (ergonomics), noise reduction, maximum line of sight, and protection from exterior hazards and environmental conditions.


Use in any Industrial location having:

Any location requiring protection of people or equipment.

Electrical Rooms

Pulpits and Control Rooms

Crane Operator Cabins

Philip Doyle Manufacturing provides a full range of Operator Cabins. You can choose from:


All of our Cabins provide the following standard features:

Philip Doyle Manufacturing offers many additional features that will customize your unit to your exact specifications. For all units we offer:

Additional Safety Features:

Customized Window Treatments: